Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A free Divination Reading for uncertain times

We are all of us suddenly on a journey.  Loss of comfort, heightened awareness, and unexpected discoveries characterize a journey.  We are seeing paths everywhere, made of choices and actions that are tangled by hope and fear.

Why consult an Oracle during uncertain times?  Isn't this just fakery woo woo?  Maybe, but then again, maybe not.  The Journey Oracle guides by showing traces of choices and possibilities that cross and parallel the ones we are presently seeing.  It causes sudden shifts of perspective through symbol, metaphor and poem.  This happens not by providing answers or offering advice, but by prompting revelation.

I just had this experience while reading Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  When describing his black experience, he references Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address.  He says that the issue is not "government of the people, for the people, and by the people," but rather, who defines "the people."  Not people of colour, and not Indigenous people, and not people of my gender until maybe recently.  I never even noticed the assumption inside that famous statement.  This is the kind of revelation I mean when I say an Oracle prompts revelation.  All of a sudden we see differently, and we find we have changed a view, a behavior, a circumstance.

Here is a Journey Oracle reading I did for guidance in these times of tangled hope and fear.   The Oracle pronouncements are given in full in hopes that these Oracle cards will also speak to you.  Insights from my own reading are in blue text.  I share these to show what jumps out for me, not to influence your inner wisdom.

An Oracle translates a problem or question into a language of image and symbol like that of dreams.  It changes the way you experience a situation to connect you with the inner forces that are shaping it.  An Oracle dialogues with your imagination—the creative basis of experience we call the unconscious. 
This is a picture of

Describe your first impressions of this image using simple phrases.  Do not analyze, doubt or discard what your inner voice is saying.  When you feel inner quiet, go to the Oracle’s identity.

This strongest of creatures, a metaphor for humans, is helpless, upside down, caught by something. 

Identity of Oracle: Duir (Oak) Qualities of this Oracle: durability, memory, protection, inspiration
Time of year associated with this Oracle: June 10 - July 7
Why this is the Oracle of your situation?

Message from the Oracle about your situation: no feminine bones in the body
Why are you receiving this message? 

"Feminine bones" might be an antidote to grasping, to aggression, to delusion about our human strength


An Oracle reveals the forces that are moving beneath your situation.  These sentences are not statements of logic or reason.  Write brief first impressions next to the statement. If a statement draws a blank from your unconscious, move on to the next sentence.


This situation began by looking for the source.

The prevailing energy of this situation is gathering clouds.

The core energy pattern of this situation is a holed stone.

The Mother of this situation is growing out.

The Father of this situation is growing tendrils.


Your relationship to the prevailing energy is like a bright eye.

Your perception of the situation is luminous.

The impact of your perception is glowing.

The connection between the core energy pattern and the situation
 is felt as a soft touch.

The momentum of this situation is fed by looking beyond to deep truth.

  This is a picture of

Describe your first impressions of this image using simple phrases.  Do not analyze, doubt or discard what your inner voice is saying.  When you feel inner quiet, go to the Oracle’s identity.

 Even though the little deer seems sliding downward, it appears alert rather than panicked.

Identity of Oracle: Fearn (Alder)  Qualities of this Oracle: prophecy, clear-sightedness
Time of year associated with this Oracle  March 18 - April 14
Why this is the Oracle of your experience?

Question from the Oracle your experience:  Do you have first aid?
Why are you receiving this question?

I love this question. It seems to suggest stay calm, pay attention, do only what is required in each moment. 


Why is this the name of your experience?


a difficult day, taking care of the child
accidents from inattention

fragile energy in being sweet

 Which of the above phrases are you experiencing most directly right now?

 Which phrases are you trying to avoid experiencing?

 Which phrases are you seeking to experience?

 If these phrases and spaces are a map of your experience--where are you on the map?


An exterior or support system for the situation is tenacity.

What is the meaning of this for your situation?

The Journey Oracle’s answers change the way you see things. Your anxieties, fears and desires emerge to be recognized and resolved, and hidden transformative energies are released.

This is a picture of

Describe your first impressions of this image using simple phrases.  Do not analyze, doubt or discard what your inner voice is saying.  When you feel inner quiet, go to the Oracle’s identity.

This image is not clear.  Maybe two faces touching.  Perhaps about helping rather than harming.  

Identity of Oracle: North
Qualities of this Oracle: the Earth of physicality, solidity, stability, form  
Time of year associated with this Oracle:  all time
Why this is the Oracle of change?

 Message from the Oracle about change:  the message will be revealed
Why are you receiving this message?


These statements bring an in-depth recognition of the change you feel coming.  This change is an expression of the healing that is asking to happen. Write brief first impressions next to each statement.  If a statement draws a blank from your unconscious, move on to the next sentence.  


The power needed to shift this situation will be a sound of community. Very profound for me!

Change will come by chanting the seeds.

Your relationship to the change in this situation is like a sparkle.

The moment of letting go into the change will be a heightened smell.

The concern to be avoided within this change will taste exotic.

The wisdom of taking too long will empower the transformation.

Completed transformation will be felt as a quality of mothering.  

A beautiful thought for everyone and for the Earth. 


Where will you dispose of the rest, after you've used it?



This is a picture of

Describe your first impressions of this image using simple phrases.  Do not analyze, doubt or discard what your inner voice is saying.  When you feel inner quiet, go to the Oracle’s identity.

The woman is paying attention to the black bug with hooks, maybe not seeing the growing seed.  

 Identity of Oracle: South Qualities of this Oracle: the Fire of will, desire, intuition, action, courage  Time of year associated with this Oracle: all time
Why this is the Oracle of your resolution?

Question from the Oracle about your resolution:  Are you the one willing to undo it?
Why are you receiving this question?

Undo the freak out.  Just take care of each other with compassion and equanimity.


The dense weave of meaning in a fairy tale provides insight into the hidden forces behind your situation, and points to the resolution sought by your unconscious wisdom.  In this fairy tale, your unconscious wisdom knows the names of all the characters, all the connections to your situation, and what is the happy ending. 

A man accepted a position at a school that was famous for its intensity. Although people on the outside envied him his work, from the inside he felt a loss of freedom. One day after a harsh exchange with his co-workers he was walking along the street—feeling unworthy—when a small stone caught his attention. It was obviously natural and yet shaped in a triangle, with smooth edges and regularly even sides. When he picked it up he heard inside his head, “remember who you are.” He did remember and so he left his job and moved far away. He kept the little stone always with him, hidden from view in a braided grass basket.
Then the man met a woman who had great oracular auricular power. The man spent time learning from the woman who one day said they should exchange significant objects so each would have a part of the other to care for. Although the man heard murmurs of trespass inside his head he felt himself giving in, and gave her the little stone.
Years went by and the man never forgot the stone who had helped him remember who he was. Finally he decided to return the woman’s object to her, and ask in exchange for the little stone. “Oh no,” she replied, I just gave that stone away yesterday to another woman who seemed in need of it.” The man was bereft. How could he have waited so long to only just miss his treasure.
The man wanted the new person to know of his request and so the woman gave the man the new address. The man sent his story, but then months went by and the man gave in to sorrow. Like family memories of past times that shift with the telling, he believed the story that he was unworthy to have the stone, and that now it was lost to him forever.

And then one day a package arrived. It contained the little stone in its braided grass basket, and a note that said, “Do you remember who this is?”

Monday, March 9, 2020

Little rituals for a baby deer

We love these animals so much, and some of these pictures might be unsettling, so please proceed after asking your intuition if this is suitable for you.   A friend called to say a baby deer was found dead in an old barn--would I be able to use it, perhaps for a drum skin?

When I first come upon a dead animal I make a small, significant ceremony that I can tell you about but cannot photograph.  I understand that whenever and animal or bird dies, its last wish is for a drink of water.  So I offer the baby deer a drink of water, slowly poured along the edges of its still mouth. I then sprinkle some tobacco on its ears, eyes, nose and mouth, so the Plant Chief of this place will ease any last painful or frightening sound, sight, smell or taste.   If I photograph this I am holding onto a part of that gift for myself, when it belongs entirely to the baby deer, so I never take pictures of rituals of respect.

I next pull the deer up by its hind legs into the supports of the carport and begin to "knuckle" off the hide, alternating  my pulling of the skin with drawing a sharp knife carefully between the skin and the muscle along a layer of fine membrane.

I keep working the hide down until cutting around the forelegs and neck are the final steps.

This little deer may have been ill, or malnourished, as its coat is only healthy looking only along the spine, and dry, short and rough to the touch on the sides.

The resulting membrane looks thinner than tissue paper and will be almost transparent when made into a small frame drum.  I imagine the voice will be as multi-layered as the colours and patterns that shine and weave though the surface.

I think the final ritual for the dead baby deer is as significant as the gifts of water and tobacco. But this time it is the wild creatures of nature that will receive the feast.

And this part of what I do needs a helper.  Plus a boat is good to move the deer"s body far away from people's homes so wild animals are not attracted into a unsafe situation. 

The baby deer is laid with prayers of gratitude in the warm sun on a beautiful rocky island.   Raven and several eagles are already turning their attention to us from trees along the jagged shore of Cortes Island.  Their many visits to the deer will help them recover from winter's challenge, so they become strong for the mating and nesting season ahead.

I feel sad that the little deer did not know springtime abundance--after the cold rain of winter--in this beautiful place, but I also know that everything lives because something dies.