Saturday, March 25, 2017

Interpreting messages in oracle card readings is like tracking a wild creature

Interpreting messages in oracle card readings is like tracking a wild creature by interpreting the messages in its footprints.  How recent?  Made by whom?  Going where?

A message in an oracle card reading comes like a sign, speaking to us by connecting to our imagination in creative ways.  Some energy in us is leaning out toward the oracle cards as we shuffle and choose cards during a reading.   Because we are actively asking for guidance or posing a question the Oracle uses chance to empower forces to speak that are beyond our conscious control.

But how do we interpret these messages?

When noticing tracks in nature, I first ask "how recent?"  When interpreting the "tracks" of a message in an oracle card reading, I notice how immediate and impactful is the connection between the oracle card image or pronouncement and my sense of  revelation.  Do I have a sensation of recognition; an aha! of revelation?  This is my strongest indication of insight into the hidden forces behind my situation or dilemma.

When looking at tracks in nature, I hope to identify the creature who created them as this gives much information into why it was in this location at this time of day or night.

To interpret a message from oracle cards I next look for patterns to help me identify the forces that have come to my inquiry.  Do some colours in the oracle card images dominate?  Do expressions or feelings echo each other? Do phrases repeat or answer each other?  I want to meet the aspect of nature who is speaking through the Oracle.

 I try to understand what the creature who left the tracks was doing.  The tracks show me a story.

I examine the oracle card messages for suggestions of action and change.  What story am I being told about my anxieties, fears and desires?  Are the oracle card images or pronouncements showing me how to change my way of being in my situation?  Because the only change I can truly effect is how I am responding to and behaving with the forces that are shaping my experience.

Of course, some tracks, and some messages, come in such a powerful way that I can only sit back in awe of the majesty of the moment.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Use nature as an oracle

During my recent retreat at Birken Forest Monastery, I received the instruction to find feelings of joy and expand these to deepen my meditation practice.  So I decided to use nature as an oracle and go for a walk, asking to be shown what brings me feelings of joy.

Sparkle.  I feel like a small child when I see the sparkle of sun on snow.  I am filled with joy by such beauty falling free from the sky.

Shadow patterns.   The play of light and dark reminds me of the ancient Mayan oracle prophets, or Chilam, who like the jaguar could cross between the worlds at a spiritual level.

Enough.  What a joy to imagine this tiny space, a monk's kuti, being enough of everything. Enough room, enough warmth, enough comfort.  Small is indeed beautiful when the inner life is large.


Companionship.  The joy of companionship brings a smile to my heart.  Nature may well be an oracle filled with messages, but it is also filled with the company of creatures.

Knowing.  I find joy in knowing that every moment is the fruit of a past moment, and contains the seeds of the moments yet to come.  These dried pods fill my awareness with knowing that new growth that lies waiting beneath the snow.

Mystery.  This beautiful sunrise at the Monastery was photographed by my friend, Lynn Martilla.  Perhaps the greatest joy of all is being witness to what I cannot create with human effort.  My creation of  the Journey Oracle is pale indeed compared to the oracle of nature.